Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Giant Step

      This week has been full of ups and downs, I've been trading a bit off using more size then usual, but its paid off in a big way. Monday I hit a milestone I promised myself I would hit before the age of 24, then got cocky and ended the day red. Tuesday was the same result. I was frustrated with myself and questioned my sanity. This week I was tested, retested and passed. I can gladly say I've netted 1million in the stock market. A special thanks to my mentor Nathan Michaud, and a special thanks to the following people; Eric, George, Phil, Nikko, Christian, Brandon, Tim P, @d4ytrad3, Tim G, Tim R, Shar, David V, @NasdeqCowboy, @BullZoneTrader, Bao, Tom K, Miltona, Shane, Emil, Mike, Corey K, Steve Baldwin, @danshep55, @markflowchatter, Sando, Tanner, and Gregg AKA LX21

     Lucky to be a part of the Investors Underground community. This has forever changed my life. Thanks again guys. See you in Chat



  1. Congrats Derrick! I hope to follow in your footsteps. Let's get to 2 mill!

  2. Hi Derrick,

    I have been trading for about 1 year and 4 months and have not really established any good rules on using margin. I saw one of your tweets where you referred to uneducated people thinking margin is a bad thing. I wire out every month if I have profits because I am building up my US account enough so I can day trade. I typically start with 5k every month but this month I started with 4k because I opened up my US account. I use margin because of my account size but I feel that I am not educated enough on it and it is part of the emotional baggage I have that effects my trading. I am not a bad troll you can check me out at so you can see I am sincere about learning. Do you have set rules that you have in place as it relates to when you use margin? Also, is there an education source that you would suggest to help me educate myself properly on the use of margin? I purchased Textbook Trading and Tandem Trading through but there isn't much info about using margin. Thanks for any help you can give me on this subject.


  3. Congrats, Just started paper trading in june and found your blog while skipping through other traders blog in IU. Following you up on twitter now and by reading your blog, i really can see that my thinking aligns with how you think and that helps me out so much. Just letting you know randoms do come by your blog every now and then and your blog is very, very helpful. Hopefully, you can keep updating your blog or even better, for me to hit up IU chat room in 2 or 3months once i finish Skyes video library/Tim G's DVD in aug. For sure by Oct. i'll be munching down the info/strategies in txtboook trading/tandem. Laterz man, hope to chat with yall in IU soon..

  4. Great interview on Investors Underground, exactly what I needed and congrats on 1m mark! ;)

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